“I am always more interested in what I am about to do than what I have already done.”

Rachel Carson

Designing With Purpose

We work with individuals and organizations that are driven by purpose and who value design that defies the ordinary.  Our work creates environments that inspire and engage people, creating sense of place and connection to the natural world.

To truly understand our clients’ challenges, we listen first, asking critical questions and sharing our knowledge and inspirations.  Then we lead a collaborative process toward solutions that transcend the expected.  Placework designs with our client’s long-term goals in mind.  Big budgets are not required for great design – just great designers!

We Do More Than Design Buildings

Our clients trust us to help them make sound decisions that will allow their organizations and communities to thrive far into the future.  We form strong partnerships early in the process, helping to organize ideas and figure out where to start. Whether crafting a vision for the future of a place or a building project is imminent, Placework meets organizations where they are.


We work with municipalities, schools, and other organizations to define their physical space needs and align them with strategic goals.  We help our clients to develop project budgets, timelines and support them in identifying sources of funding.  We provide programming, feasibility studies, existing conditions assessments, campus planning, and urban design studies.

We develop design concepts and visualizations to build consensus and support for a vision, and we create phasing plans as roadmaps for long-term cultivation of place.


We provide full architectural services that ensure the realization of our clients’ vision.  From pre-design and planning through construction administration, we clearly define project requirements and goals as the first step to developing a high-performing design. Our process is informed by metrics of life cycle assessment, energy use intensity, and global warming potential.

We create thorough, accurate documents that support a smooth construction process and work closely with construction-side professionals to integrate the design and building processes.

Strong relationships with engineers, landscape architects, builders, and project-specific consultants allow us to assemble teams suited to each project and leverage cross-disciplinary expertise.