We practice architecture to
create more equitable, resilient, and beautiful places.

The Placework team is driven by a shared creative energy. We understand our responsibility to create dynamic places that both support and celebrate our environment and communities. Out ream brings diverse interests, skills, and experience to our work., but our collective asset is vision– seeing what is possible and creating a path toward it. Responsive collaboration, creative vision and the ability to execute a design with an economy of time and resources is where we thrive

Great design emerges from a clear understanding of places and their systems. WE operate with awareness of the inherent human kinship to our surrounding environment – Placework is what we know and what we do, individually and collectively. We apply pragmatic steps– listening, questioning, and designing – to achieve these broad goals. At this crucial point in history, careful design of our buildings and places is an essential part of a more just and healthy world.

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About Us


Based in Portsmouth, NH, Placework is a full service, mission-drive architecture and planning firm. Our work displays a full system approach that delivers positive cultural, environmental, and economic outcomes. We operate in the campus, cultural, commercial, and civic realms of the seacoast Region and across New Hampshire and Northern New England